We are a Club of Volunteers.

This is Tough.

But it is also Immensely Rewarding!

You can be a member and train/compete, you can be that and volunteer a little or a bit more or a lot, you can be just a volunteer and not a member - just a friend of the Club, you can be ...

I hope you get the picture!

We want to develop our culture of volunteering as much as we can.


This way we, as Chelsea Handball Club, can:

  • Spread the workload and increase massively our club’s capacity to achieve our goals over a sustained period of time on and off the sporting arena

  • Be potentially more fun and enjoyable, have more social benefits and above develop a strong sense of belonging between the club and our members and participants.

And, our Volunteers, can:

  • Develop essential skills - both hard and soft

  • Gain social experience – broadening their circle of friends

  • Get involved in the community, developing a sense of “belonging to something”

  • Taking action, achieving, seeing an outcome

  • Be involved in their child’s life, spend quality time with them and being seen as a role model (for Parents)


Win - Win!

Traditionally, we have thought of volunteering as being on the committee or undertaking a role around the club, such as team manager, coaching or other similar traditional volunteering roles.

We consider volunteering as something more broad.

  • Is a parent driving their children to training, volunteering?

  • Is a player inviting their partner and their best friends to the mid season ball, volunteering?

  • Is bringing a friend to the club as player or supporter, volunteering?

  • Is encouraging your friends and family to come and watch you play at the club, volunteering?

  • Is selling raffle tickets or a box of chocolates to work colleagues, volunteering?

Yes, they are helping us achieve our Club Goals, they are unpaid so They Are Volunteering!

If You Want to Volunteer For Us, we will put every effort that we make it as rewarding as possible.

We will work with you to ideally shape a role around your interests, your skills and your available time.

We will put effort to develop you, so that you can help us develop.

We will Partner with You to develop our Club, since we are also Volunteers.

So, do contact us stating your volunteering intent and we will take it from there!





We are looking for Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us if you'd like to sponsor our club!

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Easy Fundraising


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Thank you for supporting us and Handball in England!