Surely if you have managed to locate this menu within our website, then this means that we are in good track!

The steps to register with us as a player is straightforward.

Fill in the sign-up form and one of our management team members will contact you in due course to address any queries you might have and also present you with the membership options available.

You can then check our website for the latest updates in relation to our training times and venues, and you can just come to your first training to meet the team and check out if we are the right fit for you. We hope we will be!

If you consider us as a good fit and you would like to spend a bit more time training or even playing with us, then we will advise you on the most appropriate membership package for your purpose, work with us to complete the formal registrations to the England Handball Association (EHA), complete your National or International Transfer (if you want to play games and you are a British or non-British handball player, registered with a different team), pay the fees (yes, money matters! but we put effort to keep fees reasonable and be as flexible as reasonably possible to accommodate individual circumstances) and then ...


You are G2G, or in simple non-monetary terms ... Good 2 Go!


And in simple ... monetary terms, until the end of this pandemic season (31 July 2021) , we offer flexible packages of:

  • Monthly PAYG for £45 if you are a Senior

  • Session PAYG for £12 if you are a Junior

Other than our capacity to absorb the current demand, not many things can limit you afterwards, only exceptions being the usual culprits ... your commitment to your personal development as a player and as a human being, as well as your respect to our policies and codes of conduct of course. You will never avoid these ones, to be fair! Communities still need to have rules :) But if you fully embrace them, then you will be a better person and that would make our world a better place!