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We have partnered with AMOS Sport Business School!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021



Chelsea Handball Club are delighted to announce our commencement of our partnership with AMOS Sport Business School and in specific with their AMOS Lab.

AMOS Lab's mission is to provide AMOS students with the link between the academic world and the professional world. The Lab works with most players in the sports business core themes that make their day. The objectives of the Lab are to allow students to better define their professional project, to build a network and relationships with industry players and to acquire field experience and skills. So many aspects that will prove to be real assets during their professional integration.

Through our partnership with AMOS Lab, we will be enabling AMOS students to acquire work experience in their field, while Chelsea Handball Club will be benefiting via valuable volunteering time to progress key club activities that will enable us to improve.

We have already attended a Job Fair organised by AMOS, through which 10 AMOS Students have expressed their interest to work with us and are currently doing so, via delivering a series of projects and helping us keep extremely busy during the pandemic!

We would like to thank Itamar Touati and Guillaume Denis from AMOS, that approached us and helped us make this partnership a reality.

The Chelsea Handball Club Management Team

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