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We are now proud Members of Working With Parents In Sport (WWPIS)

Chelsea Handball Club are delighted to announce that we have become official members of Working With Parents In Sport (WWPIS).

WWPIS will support us progressively delivering our Safeguarding Policy commitment to work towards the "Parents in Sport" CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) initiative.

WWPIS mission is to support organisations, parents/guardians and coaches in working together to provide children with the best possible sporting experiences.

We are delighted to offer all of our Member Parents/Guardians in our Club FREE membership access to the WWPIS amazing resources and services.

This membership allows our members to access the vast majority of resources for free and have good discounts in other WWPIS products, in case they wish to dig deeper.

We would like to thank Gordon MacLelland from WWPIS for his kind support during the process.

The Chelsea HC Management Team

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