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Multi-Sport With Us

We have partnered with the OneSportsClub platform, that provides more children with better access to a range of sports.

Now you can add handball to the multi-sport mix for your child with no commitment to our club membership.

What a great way of getting the feeling of an amazing and exciting sport, that is proven to benefit a child's development, as it:

  • Improves agility and overall co-ordination of movements.

  • Enhances intellect - the logic and speed of thinking

  • Improves the cardiovascular system; the lung volume of handball players is almost the same as that of swimmers

  • Enhances bone mass and physical fitness

  • Develops musculature not only of the legs, but also of the arms and the upper body.

Register with the OneSportsClub platform and book onto our Juniors Sports Sessions for the upcoming Season at a discounted PAYG rate.

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