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According to Women In Sport, there are over 700,000 more inactive women than men in England and nearly 60% of girls

aren’t meeting recommended

exercise guidelines.

We want to contribute to the national effort to get more Women and Girls into Sports.


And we want to do this via Handball.



Girls’ participation in sport and physical activity starts to decline from this age at a much faster rate than boys. Sport England’s 2019 Active Lives data for children and young people shows that 43.7% of girls in Years 1-6 of school are active, doing an average of 1 hour of exercise every day or more, compared to 51.9% of boys.

Gender stereotypes, a lack of female role models and family members discouraging participation in sport and physical activity contribute to this.

We are committed to finding ways in removing barriers and building bridges, by working close with reputable organisations to support parents in getting involved get involved with their daughter’s experience, wherever the latter feel less confident.

We actively promote the CPSU Parents' Promise campaign and also offer free membership to the Working With Parents In Sport (WWPIS) organisation, to all Parents of our Club.

We will be registering an Under-14 Girls Handball Team to participate in the EHA competitions for the Season 2022/23.

An amazing achievement!


Don't hesitate to Register your Girl with Us now!

Our Under-14 Girls Team will just get bigger!



Sport England 2019 Active Lives data on children and young people show that less than half of girls at high school are physically activity for an average of 60 minutes every day.

During their teenage years, friendships and being accepted by their peers become very important to girls. Being ‘too sporty’ or ‘not sporty enough’ can both have consequences socially, meaning teenage girls can feel self-conscious about their abilities and whether they fit in. 

We aim to provide engaging sessions along with opportunities for socialising and other rewarding experiences.  We encourage open dialogue with all  your members about what works for them, and empower them to contribute in shaping our activities as close as possible to their own needs and development. 


We aim to utilise the wealth of knowledge via our memberships in Sported, the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and WWPIS in order to provide a welcoming environment, where our members feel safe to explore and develop their skills to the best of their ability.

We aim to create a Under-16 and Under-19 Girls Handball Team, that will also participate in the relevant EHA competitions.

We are not that far really!

Register your Girl with Us now!

And sit back and watch the announcements that will follow shortly after on our Social Media ...



Women in Sport’s Understanding Women's Lives report identifies six broad values that women prioritise and look for in all aspects of life: looking good, feeling good, achieving goals, developing skills, nurturing friends and family and having fun.

Some women will have their own unique reasons for not taking part in sport or physical activity. Many of these barriers fit into one of two categories – practical or personal.

Practical barriers include timing or frequencies of sessions, logistics such as location, transport, childcare options, lack of information about the club / organisation or training / session times.

Personal barriers include lack of confidence on their ability, worries about their appearance when participating, social confidence when joining a new group and not fitting in it, fear of being judged, as well as cultural / religious beliefs.

We are committed in improving our Club Officers awareness for all above, their competence for effectively dealing with them and methodically try to find ways of boosting the drivers and tackling the barriers, in order for Women to get into the Handball Sport and then enjoy and stay!

We already are proud to have a Women Handball Team, that successfully participates in the Regional EHA League, consistently achieving high rankings.

Register with Us now!

You already look good, and you will look even "gooder :)" in our trendy club colours!


Experience Handball, a great Sport for Women and Girls of all ages, within our welcoming family-friendly community Sports Club.

Register With Us Now, if we have convinced you and you have no pressing questions.

Contact Us if we have convinced you, but have questions that circle your head seeking for an answer and that do not let you sleep peacefully at nights. We will help you sleep at night!

Contact Us if we have not yet convinced you and have some time in your life to spare, in order to (hopefully) politely explain us the reasons.


We value all feedback and sent the negative one to Our Managers. Someone needs to get blaimed for not convincing you!

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