Meet our Front-Line People, our Team Coaches, to whom we only use their birth name when we are out of the pitch, in civilian clothes and not on an official team mission!


Our Lead Coaches

Ilias Kinalopoulos.jpg

Ilias Kinalopoulos

Men Lead Coach

Jamie Lau.jpg

Jamie Lau

Juniors Lead Coach

Miguel Figueiredo.jpg

Miguel Figueiredo

Women Lead & Goalkeeper Coach

Our Assistant Coaches

Maryan Matoshich.jpg

Maryan Matoshich

Men Assistant Coach

Alann Rathery.jpeg

Alann Rathery

Women Assistant Coach

Carlos Garcia Cuesta.png

Carlos Garcia Cuesta

Juniors Assistant Coach

Leyre Raimundo.jpg

Leyre Raimundo

Juniors Assistant Coach

Mahmoud Al Karad.jpg

Mahmoud Al Karad

Juniors Assistant Coach

George Roussos.jpg

George Roussos

Juniors Assistant Coach