Meet our Front-Line People, our Team Coaches, to whom we only use their birth name when we are out of the pitch, in civilian clothes and not on an official team mission!


Our Lead Coaches

Ilias Kinalopoulos

Men Lead Coach

Chelsea has all the conditions to progress athletes and teams to the highest level possible.

Nelson Oliveira

Women Lead Coach

.We have the quality and we are on the way up. There are rocks on the way,  but we will clear the path and succeed!

Jamie Lau

Juniors Lead Coach

There is an ever-growing support for the Junior teams from the club and parents, so the future is bright! Long road but as a team we will do it!

Our Assistant Coaches

Miguel Figueiredo

Goalkeeper & Women Asistant Coach

Chelsea's goalkeepers, from Juniors to Seniors, have the talent to be even better. I will do my best to help this to happen!

Olimpia Da Lopes Veiga

Juniors Assistant Coach

Luis Je Rada Garcia

Juniors Assistant Coach

Leyre Raimundo

Juniors Assistant Coach

Mihail Markovski

Juniors Assistant Coach